Power-house acoustic duo Moonshine Jelly consists of violinist and vocalist  Lee Corbie-Wells, and guitarist and banjo player Kent Kessinger.  Other members for a fuller ensemble include Margaret Marie on vocals and mandolin, and Zina Pozen on accordion.  The band adds contemporary context to ancient folk songs and tunes of Eastern Europe, Celtic countries and the British Isles, and the Americas.  With their intimate voices and performance intensity, this up-and-coming band is not only reviving but transforming traditional musics of the world.



Lee Corbie-Wells:

Lee Corbie-Wells  has been playing violin since the age of 6.  Her father, a music teacher in San Francisco (Lee’s hometown), and her mother, a music teacher in the Oakland Public School district, taught her Celtic and American tunes by ear, fostering her love of folk music.  At the age of 11 she began formal training.  In addition to her instrumental studies, Lee sang first soprano in the San Francisco Girls’ Chorus for five years.  She started performing solo at Brava Theatre at the age of 14, but soon got heavily into Celtic roots music.  At age 18, Lee toured Southern Ireland with her first band, Drowsy Maggie, along with one of her former violin teachers, Alison Streich.  Since then, she has played in numerous Celtic and Americana bands and has also performed at military functions such as house-concerts at Airforce bases in Travis, CA and in Kuwait.  In her early adult years, Lee became passionate about learning Scottish Gaelic as well as other Celtic languages and became dedicated to learning songs from all different Celtic language traditions.  Although she primarily plays Celtic and North American fiddle music, Lee has taken her years of experience in Blues and folk improvisation and branched out into explorations of Jazz, Swing, Ragtime, and Latin genres.  Currently she plays fiddle and sings in a Scandinavian-Bluegrass-Contra band called Kaptain Bottletop.  She also teaches violin and guitar in the Bay Area.

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Kent Kessinger:

Kent Kessinger is from around Durham, North Carolina.  He used to be a cook. and he got to cook a mid rare filet mignon for Doc Watson at one point.  He became interested in migration issues and made some films around the subject.  He is heavily influenced by the music of Doc Watson, Philipp Glass, Jose Gonzalez  and Rev. Gary Davis.

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